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Chestnut Springs FAQ

Q: I want to do __________ on my property. What do I need to do to get board approval?

A: First: Make sure that it is allowed in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DoCCR). See the documents page. The sections you will need to review are Article VI Architectural Control and Article VII Restrictions (beginning on pg. 15 and 18 respectively)

Second: Once you have read the DoCCR, you will need to submit your plans to the board for review. Currently there isn't a standardized form, but your plans need to contain at a minimum the following:
  1. Name and Contact information of homeowner and property address.
  2. Description of the change request ( what is the modification )
  3. Specifications of the change request ( e.g. materials used etc. )
  4. Layout of the change request ( i.e. a one page sketch of the boundaries and positioning of the proposed changes)
Your sketch should start with a photocopy of your plat map that you received at your closing. You can also print a map from the Williamson Co website's County Maps page - specifically the Internet mapping page.

Q: I want to add a tree/bush/shrubbery on my property. Do I need prior approval?

A: If you are planting flowers or small bushes in your existing mulchbed around the perimeter of the house, then you don't need prior approval. Most everything else, however does require prior approval including, but not limited to
  • Planting a tree
  • Planting a bush in the yard
  • Extending your mulch bed
You need to mail or fax a drawing of your proposed landscaping to property management. It can be a hand drawing. Indicate the location and type of plants.

Q: I want to build a fence. What do I need to do before I build?

A: All fences must be approved by the board. For further details see the fence specification.

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