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Chestnut Springs Issues List

This is a list of open issues that the board is pursuing. The list also includes issues that were closed within the past 90 days. After an issue is closed for 90 days, it will fall off this list.

ID Status Opened
Description Assigned to Details Reason for close
22  Approved  2009-01-21 Clubhouse cleaning    Approve up to $150 for cleaning the clubhouse.   
21  Approved  2008-12-04 Entrance and clubhouse mulch    From David Shore / Green Pastures: Switch from the black hardwood mulch to pine straw.    
19  Approved  2008-10-24 Tree Request: 9762 Jupiter Forest Drive    Request to plant 5 small trees in backyard: 4 Crepe Myrtles & 1 Redbud.   
18  Approved  2008-10-02 Wait on rain before aerating    Wait up to Oct 15th to see if we get a good rain before aerating and overseeding.   
17  Approved  2008-08-25 Up to $1000 for legal review of deeds    Whether or not to approve up to $1000 to be used for legal review of the deed line issue with the adjacent new development.   
15  Rejected  2008-02-11 TV for clubhouse    $2300 - $2500 for 47" flat panel TV, wall mount, antenna, DVD player, receiver, in-wall speakers.   
14  Rejected  2008-01-25 Pressure wash entrance walls    Premier Maintenance E1056 for $365. Pressure wash entrance walls and columns located at property entrance.   
13  Approved  2008-01-25 Repair cracks at front entrance    Premier Maintenance E1057 for $434. Repair cracks located at top of entrance walls.   
11  Approved  2008-01-25 Improve entrance lights    Premeir Maintenance E1058 for $1075. Remove existing (4) halogen light fixtures located near entrance walls. Pour small round concrete base (x4) for each light to be mounted on. Top of base will be 4-6 inches above grade to prevent damage from weed eaters or mowers. Install 4 metal halide 100 watt fixtures near existing lights to be mounted on bases.   
Approved  2007-10-28 New carpet in clubhouse  Leslie  Lowe's carpet similar to what is there currently. 8lb padding.    
Approved  2007-10-11 Common Area Tree  Board of Directors     
Rejected  2007-10-04 Monthly cleaning for clubhouse    I got the # of a cleaning lady that will clean the clubhouse for $100. I move that we contract her on a monthly basis to help keep the clubhouse in better shape.   
Approved  2007-07-06 Repair road near bridge  Timmons  A hole has formed in the road just north of the bridge. Back in May 2007 the board has asked Timmons to contact the city about repair.    

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